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A very good week.

September 11th, 2011

There is a turning point I believe for anyone who passionately works hard at something. You work at first to satisfy an inner urge that comes from a God placed giftedness. You work silently for awhile, then slowly begin to share your dream. When the time is right you being to introduce your dream to the outside world. At first it seems like no one notices or listens. But if it is real, you keep the faith and press on. Slowly, the world around you wakes up to your dream and begin to see what you have been thinking about, planning and working hard on for so long. That is the point where I believe people think, "Oh, it is so easy for her, I could never do that". Well, it's not easy. It is alot of hard work, determination, perserverence and most importantly, courage. Rarely does anyone just burst on the scene, say here I am, I think I will be a great singer, painter, engineer, dancer or whatever. They most likely have put their time in with a determination to be successful while the rest of the world looked elsewhere, perhaps busy pursuing their own passions.

This week has been amazing and next week promises to be even better. I have sold five orginals this week (and the prices are not "introductory prices" anymore). I have just complete a solo exhibit with 24 pieces framed and displayed for a month. As well, "For John" was accepted into the 2011 Michigan State All Media Juried Art Exhibit and the opening was last Friday night.

As well, yesterday I had a major breakthrough painting and received a nod from a world class watercolor artist. So yes, for me, it has been a very good week.

Thanks for reading and never, never, never give up!